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Discover CB Connexus

What is CB Connexus?

CB Connexus is a relationship-based, invitation-only site that is built on trust. It offers an organized way for people to communicate needs to each other. Do you need to borrow someone’s truck to haul a piece of furniture? Do you need someone’s expertise to design your landscaping? Are you in the market for a good used car for your teenager? Whatever you need, let others know about it and respond with a bid to help.

Why use CB Connexus?

The sole purpose of CB Connexus is to communicate needs and let other people place bids to help. Ask questions, clarify expectations, negotiate terms, pay and be paid, build your profile, and rate the people you deal with all on CB Connexus.

CB Connexus terminology

  • Provider – As a provider you are the person who sells or rents out something. You are also the person who provides a service or consultation.
  • Consumer – As a consumer you are the person who buys or rents something. You are also the person who hires someone to do something for you.
  • Request – This is simply what you need from someone else, whether it be an item, service, or consultation.
  • Post a request – This is the process of submitting a request on the CB Connexus platform. As the consumer you describe your request with words, pictures, and or video to communicate most effectively.
  • Bid a request – Are you able to help someone with their request? Submit the terms of your assistance in the form of a bid. Only the consumer who posted the request will see the terms of your bid.
  • Request alert – Do you want to be notified when a consumer submits a certain type of request? Set up your alert notifications so that you don’t miss an opportunity.
  • Notifications – Text? Push notification? Email? It’s your choice. Anytime someone on the CB Connexus platform is attempting to communicate with you, we will let you know.